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  1. Wormweed

    CasinoDaddy Exclusive Chair GIVEAWAY

    Youtube name: Wormweed
  2. Had no luck on this slot, well over 2000 spins with 54% rtp on Videoslots, but i was too stubborn and wanted to see a huge win. Had 3 bonuses in 30 minutes, last one was 1672x. The stake is low, because it has been very expensive to play.
  3. Wormweed

    Dragons Fire - Mega Win (50 Spin Trigger)

    Nice win! not easy to get any sort of decent bonus on this one
  4. Wormweed on youtube
  5. Wormweed

    Dragon fire 10000x +

    Insane win! I had a few cashouts from the weekend booster, but never anything close to 20k.
  6. Wormweed

    I give up xD

    Sorry to hear it's going so bad JK. You are right, might as well stop when the fun stops.
  7. First i got a 838x win early in the free spins, then it throws in this INSANE screen of mammoths. I have a really bad relationship with this slot, so 2kr bet was all it was getting, it's ripped my balance many times before. That screen paid 4800x, so i ended with a total win of 5695x.
  8. Wormweed

    CasinoDaddy Hoodie Giveaway

    Youtube: Wormweed https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNhkZsB2ZwzfI1puw8rxkg
  9. Wormweed

    100 ways of red gems in Who wants to be a millionaire

    Yeah, would have doubled it. Bonus balance was 1000kr, so i was just 9kr into the bonus when i got it.
  10. In the base game, 750x in one spin. Just after hitting bonus balance ofc
  11. Wormweed

    I Phone XS MAX Giveaway - By Pragmatic Play!

    Wormweed on youtube