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  1. The winners in the 6000€ giveaway last month should now have their prize on their skrill account! Congrats everyone and good luck in this month Pragmatic/Aboutslots Iphone Xs Giveaway ❤️ /Ebro
  2. Casinodaddy

    hello everyone

    welcome :)!
  3. Casinodaddy

    Antes Joker Dream

  4. Casinodaddy

    the 6000 euro giveaway

    Winners will be paid tomorrow, congrats all
  5. Casinodaddy

    Hi guys!

    Welcome dude! Wish you lots of luck on the slots 😊 If there is anything you need help on the forum or anything else just send me a message.
  6. Casinodaddy

    Book of gods nice hit on low stake over 4000x

    wow nice one dude! gz
  7. Casinodaddy

    >4800x on bonanza

    WOW!!! congratz brother ❤️
  8. Casinodaddy

    Prima Megaway 22500x

    Holy SHIT, gz man!! sickest win on this game we have seen
  9. Casinodaddy

    Huge Primal Megaway win

    sick win ❤️
  10. Casinodaddy

    Primal PRINTING

    Congrats man, work on those paint skills tho! just cut out the window you want to show and put it in to new paint ❤️
  11. Casinodaddy

    Dragons fire my biggest win Ever over 7000x

    Sick win dude congrats! biggest ive seen on that game
  12. Casinodaddy

    OMG just got 2300+x on Millionaire

    easy win easy print!
  13. Casinodaddy

    7230x Win on Dark Vortex !!!

    Gz 😍
  14. Insaneeee juaaaan!!!! HOLY MOLY. GRATZ ❤️❤️
  15. Casinodaddy

    9500x land base win

    Gz dude ❤️