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  1. Rasdim

    CHI Insane wins +1000x

    Didn't grind till I bled, played the same game, same betsize on different casino's...
  2. Rasdim

    5 scatters Madame Destiny

    thanks Only 15x but I can live with that
  3. Rasdim

    5 scatters Madame Destiny

    After dozens of Quick and Turbo spins, I decided to do manually stop spins, few clicks later... 5 scatter haha first time ever, such an awesome feeling. 🤑 WO WEEEH
  4. Rasdim


    Thanks for sharing. I’m from Belgium. What would happen if I had a situation like yours? I think they would just pay me out because I live in Belgium. Now they found a way to not pay you because the fact you live in the Netherlands or is Starcasino a registered online casino in NL?
  5. Rasdim

    First Big Wins on DoA1 & DoA2

    Thanks man! It took me for doa2 about 700 spins before the big win, other bonusses were 10x or 20x. :-)
  6. Rasdim

    First Big Wins on DoA1 & DoA2

    How strange is that? After I calculated the multiple I kinda felt observed by the dark side haha BTW I play what I can afford to loose 🙂 and to have fun. Good luck everybody!!