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  1. Zerwas92

    10781x on Dead or Alive 2 !

    Nice man. I also play on minimum bet but I never win so much(((((
  2. Zerwas92

    Rip walking home after a drunk stream

    That Viking XD Hope, he will be fine for the next stream )
  3. Zerwas92

    My biggest X win :D

    Nice win )
  4. Zerwas92

    Gambling Fail Montage #2 / When Slots Troll You xD

    OMG, that moment with free spins XD
  5. Zerwas92

    How a hot streak F***** my life....

    Sad story, bro. Gambling, for me, always stood somewhere near alcohol and drugs. Here you always need to know when to stop. I hope you will be fine. Good luck.
  6. Zerwas92

    insane BIG WIN

    OMG that win. Congrats mean )
  7. Zerwas92

    New Gambler

    Hi forum community, my name is Tomas and I play on cryptomarket for 2 years. Tow month ago I start playing on cryptocasinos like Bitstarz etc. What other sites you can recommend?