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  1. Zerwas92

    VR in Gambling

    Hi, forum members. A few days ago I read an article about the creation of the first VR casino. It will be a hub where you play on slots and roulettes. After that, I wondered, do we need such casinos? Now on the market there are a lot of Live Casino with live dealers. It is not clear why we need such casinos.
  2. Zerwas92


    That luck .... Nice win. Hope, you will earn more
  3. Zerwas92

    Hairline Competition

  4. Zerwas92

    kinda broke the slots :D

    That's why casinos go bankrupt, because someone role 119 free spins XD
  5. Zerwas92

    Found the malta crew tanning

    ahahahha That memes )
  6. Zerwas92

    1 Miljon

    OMG, that win. How is this even possible ?
  7. Zerwas92

    Hi, wanna be gambler here

    Hi newone) I hope you will consider gambling just entertainment, and not a way to make money. Just relax and enjoy 😏
  8. Zerwas92

    What happened doe?

    This hat is a couple sizes larger than a guy. Just a little bit more and he will be able to live in it Kappa
  9. Zerwas92

    500x book of dead - full line explorer

    gg, man
  10. Zerwas92

    The Printers Bodyguard

  11. I don't know you, but Happy Birthday. All the best. 😍
  12. Zerwas92

    10781x on Dead or Alive 2 !

    Nice man. I also play on minimum bet but I never win so much(((((
  13. Zerwas92

    Rip walking home after a drunk stream

    That Viking XD Hope, he will be fine for the next stream )
  14. Zerwas92

    My biggest X win :D

    Nice win )
  15. Zerwas92

    Gambling Fail Montage #2 / When Slots Troll You xD

    OMG, that moment with free spins XD