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    Twitch - Snapcroc
  2. Snapcroc

    Suggestion for Casinodaddy Twitch Store!

    Well i would think many would love like graphic cards or full computer if possible. Maybe high lumen flashlights would be a hit. Lower point items i would guess mousepads , wall flags, posters from casino games, stainless steel mugs/flasks. Ty Daniel for your work :).
  3. Snapcroc

    Is Zyvera Robert? :O

    Nah i sure he is 657 year old vampire lord..
  4. Snapcroc

    Meme Factory

  5. Snapcroc

    Meme Factory

  6. Snapcroc

    Are all Casino-Streamers fake?????

    it`s easy to explain, diffrent bet but same patterns as game build by patterns. Same wins will occur but actually cool to see same pattern as would never been seen without streamers...
  7. 5352 euro Snapcroc
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