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  1. OvE

    Montezuma 130 spins 414x

    boomeh, wow that many spins and only pays 2.5k, well atleast u won something bro big gratz
  2. OvE

    Mammoth win on primal megaways

    woweh, nice bonus bro, to bad we didnt get to see the end but yeah big gratz
  3. OvE

    4191x Lil devil normal bonus hit :D

    woweh, love lil devil when it pays big gratz bro
  4. OvE

    insane line hit

    woweh what a nice line hit bro big gratz
  5. OvE

    Big win Ramses book

    woweh, thats a nice win bro big gratz
  6. OvE

    1480x on white rabbit

    woweh, what a nice bonus bro big gratz
  7. OvE

    biggest win ever!

    WOWEH what a nice bonus bro, love doa2 hits big gratz
  8. OvE

    Casinodaddy Slot

    haha love the sound now
  9. OvE

    Casinodaddy Slot

    sounds awesome bro, love the casinodaddyslot, that u even made it, keep up the good work. if u hit a winning streak it would be great if like u hit Ante u would hear Ante say something cool and such forward if u hit masse... u know what i mean. GREAT work bro ❤️
  10. OvE

    princess line magic mirror

    boomeh, what a nice line bro big gratz
  11. OvE

    max megaways base game hit

    boomeh, nice win bro big gratz
  12. OvE

    1000x doa2 over 100x bonanza same time

    woweh, nice wins bro big gratz
  13. OvE

    450x win on reel rush

    boomeh, what a nice win bro, i like the music on reel rush big gratz
  14. OvE

    Low bet win Mystery box from mobile

    boomeh, never seen 50x before big gratz bro
  15. OvE

    4700x on DoA2!!

    woweh, crazy win bro big gratz, did u cashout?