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  1. OvE

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competiton 1/4

    Guess: 19106 Twitch/Youtube: OvE_mw
  2. OvE

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competiton 31/3

    Guess: 5920 Twitch/Youtube: OvE_mw
  3. OvE

    7795x on 0,45 bet only 6 euro left

    WOWEH, what an insane win and look at that save bro big gratz
  4. OvE

    450x in 1 spin

    boomeh, sweet win bro big gratz
  5. OvE

    Garga Max hit 1500 x basegame (0.60 bet)

    woweh, crazy win bro big gratz
  6. OvE

    960X 40kr bet. Basegame hit!

    boomeh, what a nice hit bro big gratz
  7. OvE

    Shark 1000x coin

    woweh, amazing win on ur first deposit bro big gratz
  8. OvE


    woweh, what a sweet win bro big gratz
  9. OvE

    1052x Danger high voltage

    woweh, nice win bro big gratz
  10. OvE

    Legacy of dead 1088x

    woweh, sweet win bro big gratz
  11. OvE

    Hey guys

    hello and welcome, hope u will enjoy
  12. OvE

    DOA 2 11423 x on 9 cent bet

    woweh, crazy nice win bro big gratz
  13. OvE

    DOA 2 - 28749x on a 0,90kr. bet

    woweh, amazing win and reaction bro big gratz
  14. OvE

    Almost Fullscreen on Aztec Gold with max Megaways

    woweh, amazing win bro big gratz
  15. OvE

    DOA 2 - Massive Win

    holy crap, INSANE win bro hope u get a vid out of it, plz post it here then. big gratz