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  1. OvE

    300x Win On Max Bet, Man I love Pragmatic Play!

    yeah, i bet its all about the jokers
  2. OvE


    boomeh, how much is that is €? nice hit bro big gratz
  3. OvE

    Viking Runecraft 3172X

    woweh, thats a crazy win bro big gratz, did u cashout?
  4. OvE

    hit the major heart

    woweh what a hit bro, nice win big gratz
  5. OvE

    Fucking Sick on Moon Princess

    boomeh haha, nice win bro
  6. OvE

    Street Magic..Hell Yes !!

    nice win agane bro
  7. OvE

    300x Win On Max Bet, Man I love Pragmatic Play!

    boomeh, what a hit bro, this is the new pragmatic right? big gratz
  8. the "discord" doesnt work for me, anyone els have the same issue?
  9. OvE

    My points!

    i have no clue tbh, all point related is usually Zyvera and limga that deals with it.
  10. OvE

    Jammin Jars x1850 on 6€ bet

    woweh bro, what a nice bonus, hope u cashout big gratz
  11. oh yeah my bad hehe, was abit tired when i saw it nice win thou anyhow
  12. OvE

    13 Spins in Dog House can't pay?

    woweh what a hit bro, so many wilds big gratz, did u cashout agane?
  13. woweh, almost 3kx win bro, what a sweet hit on that last spin hehe big gratz
  14. OvE

    Monday slots - Neverhit - various wins.

    woweh, so many wins bro big gratz
  15. OvE

    golden fish tank lucky 10 spins of 2.50 euro?

    nw bro, check in whenever u can, we miss u