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  1. OvE

    1100x bonanza + 950x rockabilly

    woweh, thats some sweet wins bro big gratz
  2. OvE

    Wildline 9227X

    WOWEH freaking amazing win anyhow bro, be happy with what u get big gratz
  3. OvE

    800x Buffalo King

    boomeh, what a lucky first missclick spin win big gratz bro
  4. OvE

    124x multiplier Montezuma Megaways

    woweh, never seen this yet, what a sweet win bro big gratz
  5. OvE

    Best Garga I've ever had

    woweh, great win bro big gratz
  6. OvE

    My biggest X win so far 😎

    woweh, what a nice win, even thou u didnt get the wildline, sweet win bro big gratz
  7. OvE

    Yes, I did throw up in the casino after this

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD what a win, amazing u got the JACKPOT big gratz and hope u will have some more vacay now
  8. OvE

    607x win on Rise of Olympus

    boomeh, what a nice hit bro big gratz
  9. OvE

    blackjack SUITED TRIPS, over 200x blackjack bet

    woweh, such a nice hit bro big gratz
  10. Really like this slot, its awesome
  11. OvE

    Pink Elephant is on Fire (2K)

    boomeh, nice win and something back from ur rip big gratz bro
  12. OvE

    Jackpot on divine fortune !

    WOWEH, old but gold, really nice when ppl win jackpots big gratz
  13. OvE

    Big win on lil devil 7000+ x

    WOWEH what a crazy win bro big gratz, hope u cashed out?? and HAHA Masse in the background
  14. OvE

    Max win on Ice Wolf 2500x

    woweh, never seen the max win on this bro big gratz