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  1. OvE

    The dog house 330x win

    @Elvisisntdead ok, but plz u dont have to mention that dude in here if u catch my drift thx
  2. OvE

    DoA2 Love this game 19327x

    HOLY FAKK what a nice bonus bro big gratz and AGANE doa2, this slot is INSANE
  3. OvE

    480x win the dog house

    WTF BRO, holy shit ur lucky af dude, big gratz and plz tell me u made a cashout gratz agane
  4. OvE

    The dog house 330x win

    woweh, holy crap that bet size bro 😮 really nice win doe gratz and its a youtube vid
  5. OvE

    Blackjack comeback

    boomeh, to bad u lost the hand but a great cumback bud gratz
  6. woweh, nice hit bud to bad it was on low bet imagine that hit on like 5€ instead hehe, but gratz anyway
  7. OvE

    833x insane base game reel steal hit :)))

    boomeh, this slot doesnt pay as much so nice to se a good hit gratz
  8. OvE

    505x on the shadow order!!!

    boomeh, nice hit gratz
  9. OvE

    Millionaire 1250x Win

    woweh, thats a really nice win, 1260x gratz
  10. OvE

    Got a 1.200x on 10€ bet on Dragon's Luck

    woweh, nice win gratz, any cashout?
  11. OvE

    Biggest win of my life

    boomeh, nice win and gratz to the cashout
  12. OvE

    2nd DoA2 Big Win in a Week

    dayum, guess this is ur week and doa2 is giving agane, gratz
  13. OvE

    53936x win DoA2

    HOLY FREAKING GOD, what a win, dayum doa2 does it agane big gratz to ur friend. This slot is insane
  14. OvE

    Small stake 600x on Rise of Olympus :)

    boomeh, nice win bud gratz
  15. OvE

    Some good hits the past three days.

    really nice wins bud big gratz