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  1. OvE

    Lucky lady pr0n! 1000x basegame

    boomeh, nice full line bro gratz
  2. OvE

    Dead or alive<3

    WOWEH doa2 agane, such a nice win bro big gratz
  3. OvE

    Gunslinger Huge win

    woweh, what a bonus, never seen this pay this much aswell big gratz bro and hope u having a great vacation
  4. OvE

    nice win on dragons fire

    woweh, what a sweet win big gratz
  5. OvE

    Insane win agane!!!!!

    woweh, what a bonus bro, ur lucky now hehe big gratz
  6. OvE

    Right on time Jammin

    woweh, yeah like michael says, that potenziale, and what a save bro big gratz
  7. woweh bro, garga does it agane big gratz
  8. OvE

    wild antics

    boomeh, nice hit bro, i like this slot hehe gratz
  9. OvE

    Book of Ra

    boomeh, nice win bro gratz
  10. OvE

    Queen of Riches BIG WIN

    woweh, what a nice hit bro big gratz
  11. OvE

    3364x win

    WOWEH what a bonus bro, and on the first doa aswell big gratz
  12. OvE

    1476x on 0.4 bet on jammin

    woweh, thats a nice hit bro, to bad u didnt get the pic when it happend but gratz
  13. OvE

    Another Win

    boomeh, nice hit agane bro ur so lucky, gratz
  14. OvE

    close to 1000x on mega mollah max bet

    hehe nice juan bro
  15. wow, i feel very sad for u bro, hope everything will work out in the end and u get ur money back 😪