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  1. OvE

    Accidentally bet $250 in one spin..

    haha nice missclick bud gratz
  2. OvE

    2Eur bet

    holy moly, nice hit
  3. OvE

    1826x INSANE win on DOA

    nice hit bro
  4. OvE

    1400x vikings finally

  5. OvE

    Insane over 3000x win in Genie jackpot!

    woweh, great hit
  6. OvE

    Big Base game hit on Final Countdown

    boooom, nice hit
  7. OvE

    When Rip plays Raw

  8. OvE

    X3965 win on Dead or Alive

    woweh, nice hit
  9. OvE

    776X Lost Relics

    woweh, nice bud
  10. OvE

    5100x Book of Gods

    WOWEH Joon, congratz bro
  11. OvE

    montezuma big win! (677x)

    nice, just look at them clean 100 spins
  12. OvE

    Big Win!! Reactoonz x1083 !!!

    nice hit
  13. OvE

    Thor's Lightning BIG WIN

    woweh, crazy hit
  14. OvE

    Primal Megaways Insane Basegame hit!

    nice hit