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  1. REDME

    Look out with gambling. Please.

    Hi, I am new with gambling stuff. I was invited by a friend, I think all of addiction can be cure. It is called addiction meaning you have became addicted with it, and you can't stop yourself to do such things. I've been addicted once in my life, but I overcome it by having control to my emotions, to myself, to my own personal choice. Everything we are doing is our choice, now if it's your choice to stop, Then stop, if you want to continue go on just always remember that you have a control to yourself, to your emotions and to your decisions. There might be a time that you will feel that you can't do this, you can't do that but reality check. It is just your brain and you have a power over your mind. So I know somehow you can change the habit and throw away your addiction in something.
  2. REDME


    Hi Anthony, Same here I am just new here. Welcome to me and to you