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  1. I tried but he havent been online in a year and tried catching him on twitch also
  2. If you win big they can just say the slot malfunktion and dont pay anything. First you wait 1 week without any information and then they can just say the slot didnt funktion correctly. This is not only the casinosites but the service they provide is slot and without any information. The real problem is pragmatic and they are not to be trusted after they started giving fake streamers unlimited access to their slots. For me i will never play on a pragmatic slot again because the fear of winning big and they just say malfunktion is the biggest scam i have witness. This lesson cost me 27000kr and still waiting for answer but its obvious when they havent done shit in a week its gonna be malfunktion = no winning. You can jugde yourself but here here is the proof. Even if they pay me now the horror of waiting weeks to clarify if i won or lost is the worst thing to go thru. I didnt know this was a thing until it hit me
  3. Oh the money is gone and casino cant find it. maybe all the stake players ruined pragmatic
  4. It seem like its pragmatic and not the casino but im really not sure. feel they will scam me of the 4400x win https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/nbjhxZhrZO
  5. I play this as a joke. I thought Trump lost the election so maybe i win. I know its stupid but after 300kr it give bonus and after 5 putin symbols in the bonus. Think if i get the last putin symbol would be 15000x.
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