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  1. Hanta

    Wild swarm nothing special

    Just grinded bc of Rip and Pip. Popped the hive after like 15 bees at max level.
  2. Hanta


    Wow, gratz! Still grinding for this one Imagine one more skull at the last reel.. 81 K
  3. Hi, Im used to the verification process, and that it sometimes takes time, so that u will gamble more during the stalling. (Good strat) But Casinopop now have rejected my documents 9 (Nine!) times. (5 different documents) I deposited 200 Euro, and won 2,5 k Euro, and then it started.. Thing is that i deposited money via Digital bank id, and on other site, that does not require any further verification later on, but on Casinopop "it is mandatory" The documents has as to this date been: -Too blurry. -Too big.. -Too small to read -Wrong format -Not showing all corners (a pdf document) I dont really care about the money anymore, just want to warn those who win a lot more money that there is a big chance that you wont ever see them And not much to do legally, and they know that. -Hanta.
  4. Hanta

    Reactoons 1500x 1,6 E.

    Got tired of the game, 3 spins on 1,6 Euro..