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  1. Hanta

    Danger HV 6000x!

    Been waiting for this spin.
  2. Guess: 21210 Twitch/Youtube: Hanta_74
  3. Guess: 19002 Twitch/Youtube: Hanta_74
  4. Guess: 5020 Twitch/Youtube: Hanta_74
  5. 8800 Euros Twitch Hanta_74
  6. 9000 Euro Twitch Hanta-74
  7. Hanta

    2 small things.

    Yo. 1. The "new follower" banner sometimes gets in the way of the intense moments of a slot. Is it possible to move it a bit, or make it smaller? 2. The bonuses hunted banner in the bottom. Is it possible to make it scroll like 50% faster? i fall asleep while trying to see all bonuses Just 2 suggestions Best casino-stream out there.
  8. 11222 Euro Twitch: Hanta-74
  9. 5200 Euros Twitch Hanta-74
  10. Masse ofc. 5329 Euro. Hanta-74
  11. Hanta

    Guessing Competition 23/6

    8800 Twitch Hanta_74