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  1. ChronicBull

    Jamming Jars 6800X Wooowweee

    Wowww, nice one! Enjoy the winnings! 😁
  2. ChronicBull

    Dragons fire my biggest win Ever over 7000x

    Nice! Spend it wisely 😁
  3. ChronicBull

    1075x Jammin Jars Low Roll

    Thanks, can't agree more
  4. ChronicBull

    Big win on Dreamcatcher!

    How in the hell did you manage that to do?
  5. ChronicBull

    1075x Jammin Jars Low Roll

    The slots turned cold on me, but i still wanted to test my luck on Jammin Jars... Succes
  6. ChronicBull

    won 5k 4 explorers

    Ah een Nederlander, congratz on the win! ?
  7. ChronicBull

    mythic maiden

    Congrats on the win! and dont give it back ?
  8. ChronicBull

    1072x Jammin Jars

    Just doing some spins on a friday evening and this came in :)
  9. ChronicBull

    Golden fishtank Highroll

    Those bet sizes... Madman :') Congratz on the winnings!
  10. ChronicBull

    Nice 640x Queen of Riches hit!

    EDIT: And now this happened... This slot is on fire
  11. ChronicBull

    Nice 640x Queen of Riches hit!

    3 spins in and this beauty came in :)
  12. ChronicBull

    10 euro bet - 1800X! - Donuts

    Lost 2k on some slots, decided to go all in on donuts... Holy ........ My biggest win ever
  13. ChronicBull

    Insane Chilli Session

    Exactly! Many people think that by seeing these wins they could do the same. But oh boy.. ?
  14. ChronicBull

    white rabbit 3 retriggers

    Congratz on the win buddy! ?
  15. ChronicBull

    Shitty pic decent hit

    Decent? Dude.. Congratz on the win! ?