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  1. Twitch Proudr much love
  2. Proudr

    Bonanza 546x

    Yeah im happy, thanks Ove Still expecting so much more..
  3. Proudr

    Bonanza 546x

    Bit disapointed i never connected anything worth mentioning on high multi, but x30 multi on 17 spins is pretty insane tbh
  4. Proudr


    Happy anniversary fam!!! Twitch name Proudr, gl today even tho i have to go to a birthday party ill be following you guys today
  5. Proudr

    Guessing Competition 22/4

    4269 euros Proudr
  6. Proudr

    Donut 76x multiplier!

    Poggers! congrats man, ez cashout
  7. Proudr

    Guessing Competition 20/4

    7368 euros Proudr
  8. Proudr


    Zyvera, it happend again now, the tease. 117k miss as usual, but still over a 100x win
  9. Proudr

    2066x on Ecuador Gold and 816x on book of gods

    Great win, greater reaction, congrats!
  10. Proudr

    Guessing Competition 13/03

    4343 euros Proudr
  11. Proudr

    OH MY GOD!!!

    Congrats brotha, just love when everything is flowing wherever you go. buy something nice (Y)