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    Bonanza 460x

    In the middle of Rips awesome millionaire bonus i got this one. 12 spins no retrikkeri. Hit red gems on 10x multi, dont remember the ways, but stacked until 5th wheel. Yes the betting size is low but im happy! (Y)
  2. Proudr


    Yeah i rarelly keep my hopes up when it comes to 117k megaways, it has happend too many times that it builds up just to tease like this. not the first time i have that setup in 117k
  3. Proudr


    Close but still so far away, if i had 20x multi on that tease i would have quit my fav slot forever
  4. Proudr


    Suddenly i dont feel so bad about this one... Holy shit that would have paid bro https://imgur.com/a/v3EPtJA
  5. Proudr

    Slot-V Casino Scam player for 500, 000$

    Well they found out he had multiple accounts, or perhaps thats just an excuse, idk.
  6. Proudr

    Primal Megaways 2700x Basegame 540 way hit !

    WOWEEHHH insane, congrats Equipped!
  7. Proudr

    What happend tho?

    Really??? Well in that case.. Ante you are fired, too much hotness cant be shown
  8. Proudr

    What happend tho?

    Might be the fall, after Ebro showed foot. might be considered as "self harm" or something
  9. Proudr

    SurfCasino review

    First, congrats, that insane!! I deposited through my bank card, so that's the way i had to withdraw also. It took 1 and a half day for it to pop onto my bank account, not bad at all i'd say!