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  1. Bought the 4 scatter bonus, went into mayhem and this happend :D Also had a huge 800+- x basegame win with expanding jacks earlier. Just insane how huge potential this game has. and Mayhem seems to be fairly common in 4 scatter buy, ive had around 6-7 now.
  2. Grattis! And on pixel too
  3. You're on a roll!! Congrats
  4. Proudr

    10364x Cubes 2

    thank you masseman
  5. To be fair i would have smashed my screen, but congrats anyway! I play this game on regular basis, had 3 +5's at most. this is super rare
  6. This happend couple of weeks ago while playing on my phone, thought i'd share it. Left me in shock My third ever buy on this game
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