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  1. comtrend

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 22/2

    Guess: 30679 Twitch/Youtube: comtrend1979
  2. comtrend

    Bonus Hunt Guessing Competition - 04/09

    87432 comtrend1979
  3. comtrend

    Big win on Reactor

    Yep, 100k cashout from 5k start
  4. comtrend

    Pixies vs Pirates super potenziale

    Nice, Had a 400x hit myself with 3 nudge wilds in basegame. Seems to be very hard to get the bonus though, 400-500spins before I gave up.
  5. comtrend

    Big win on Reactor

    Had a big hit on Reactor when I change my bet from my usual 1-2 euro to 4 euro. I got the multiplayer in the end, think it was 2x or 4x,
  6. comtrend

    Big Bet&Win on The Dog House

    Thanks Dog house is my favourite game atm. Out of 35-40 bonuses it has given me a 200x-300x win every 3 or 4 bonus round, including a couple of 1200x+ hits. You don't need to spin forever to get a bonus either, just 3 times it went for 350-400 spins for a bonus. When it was hot I got 10 bonuses, all of them under 75 spins.
  7. comtrend

    Big Bet&Win on The Dog House

    Increased my bet to 80 NOK (8 Euro) for a few spins and had a big hit in The Dog House bonus, Usually I need 15+ spins to get a good win, but this time I had 12, some well placed wilds, two rottweiler hits and a full line hit with the second best dog.
  8. comtrend

    Dream setup on Money Train

    That 100k Balance I already had was from a 1250x+ hit on doghouse on 8 euro bet. Haven't cashed out yet, but printed up to 195k now. Thought I either make it to 200k or drop down to 190k before cashout
  9. comtrend

    Dream setup on Money Train

    Had to scramble to record this on my phone when I got both the gatling gun and persistant collector, knew it was going to be good then money train rotated.mp4
  10. comtrend

    Guessing Competition - 19/8

    5343 comtrend1979
  11. 6373 twitch: comtrend1979
  12. comtrend


    Twitch name: comtrend1979
  13. I was grinding for the Bonus when this monster wild landed out of nowhere