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  1. b3yron

    9135x on Dead or Alive 2 still shaking

    Wow man , huge congrats and dont spend it all on candy
  2. b3yron

    17000x on Dead or Alive 15.444 Euro

    Thats sick bro, Congrats =)
  3. b3yron

    Guessing Competition 10/7

    5588€ / twitch: b3yron
  4. b3yron

    Guessing Competition #2 9/7

    8588€ / twitch: b3yron
  5. How much will all the bonuses pay in total? *note that your guess is about what the bonuses will pay with the money used - the guess is not about what the final balance will be. Balance not used will be deducted at the end for an accurate result.  The closest 3 guesses will get an awesome point prize! 1st: 800 DaddyPoints 2nd: 400 DaddyPoints 3rd: 300 DaddyPoints Write guess (€) and twitch username to enter the competition. IF YOU THINK YOU'RE THE WINNER AND WANT TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE CONTACT LIMGA ON FORUM/TWITCH. IF YOU DON'T CONTACT LIMGA WITHIN 24 HOURS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR PRIZE!! RAW CASH WINNINGS CAN ONLY BE PAID TO A SKRILL ACCOUNT RULES: You can only guess ONCE. You can edit your answer up until the thread is closed. Start: €9,800 (€9750 USED) Hunter: Ante, Jesus  Total Bonuses: 33 (19:05 CEST)
  6. b3yron

    Guessing Competition 9/7

    11888€ / twitch: b3yron
  7. b3yron

    29 560x on DOA2

    Wtf thats insane, big congratz
  8. b3yron

    WOW 11k x on doa2. What a dag!

    jesus christ, thats insane. Congratz
  9. b3yron

    Diamond mine 2067x

    sick hit bro, congratz =)
  10. Twitch: b3yron POTM: Masse , 1888X
  11. b3yron

    Guessing Competition 1/7

    3888€ / twitch: b3yron
  12. b3yron

    8000x + Win on Mystery Reels

    Crazy hit..congrats
  13. b3yron

    it is not my win bot my littel brother:)

    Insane..congrats to your brother then