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  1. Casinodaddy

    First Reel Race ever on Casumo

  2. Casinodaddy

    900x Flame Buster

  3. Casinodaddy

    The grails man

  4. Casinodaddy

    Money Train x6966

    OMG congratz!!
  5. Casinodaddy

    Jesus POTM poster OMEGALUL

  6. Hi Fam, For the 100k SPECIAL STREAM we are going to do a 1000 euro on any casino site any game. Guess the winner down here and ending result. Dont forget to write your twitch/youtube name. 20 min timer Prizes 1: 300 euro 2: 200 euro 3: 100 euro MASSE: 5220.60KR ANTE: 0kr JESUS: 0kr Ebro: 0kr Ogge: 2655 euro [Winner] /ebro
  7. Hey everyone!🙋‍♂️ Join the monthly giveaway for free at www.aboutslots.com/giveaway Complete more steps to get an higher chance of winning. This giveaway is free to enter and the prizes is without wager. Good luck ❤️ /Ebro
  8. Casinodaddy

    my biggest x win

    really nice one law congrats!
  9. Casinodaddy


    hahahha 🤣
  10. Casinodaddy

    3100X on Peking Luck 48 spins multi on 8 x

    wow nice one, biggest ive seen aswell on peking!
  11. Casinodaddy

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    So they are giving out bonuses but after you used 7 bonuses and you are on the 8+ you cant cash out but they still give it to you? Sounds very scamaz.
  12. Casinodaddy

    Perfect Ad placement above Ante post

  13. Casinodaddy

    Ante POTM

    haha 99 oil
  14. Casinodaddy

    32000x DOA2

    Congrats m8 thanks for sharing ❤️
  15. Casinodaddy

    DoA2 Love this game 16097x

    Congrats dude! thanks for sharing
  16. Casinodaddy

    Napoleon 10800x Stake Wild line

    on the last spin aswell
  17. Casinodaddy

    Napoleon 10800x Stake Wild line

    WTF!!! GZ
  18. Casinodaddy

    1 Miljon

    w t f................ congrats dude thats insane!!!!
  19. Casinodaddy

    53936x win DoA2

    wow those doa2 wins are just to sick.. gz to ur friend!!
  20. Casinodaddy

    How a hot streak F***** my life....

    True that bro. Sorry to hear the story, always think of gambling as a loss and when you ever get a win cash it out and buy something!
  21. Casinodaddy

    over 5000x on dragon´s fire!

    congrats dude :D!
  22. Casinodaddy

    Insane run on Book of Maya

    haha what a comeback man from 17 euro to 2970 😮 GZ!!
  23. Casinodaddy

    New Gambler

    Weelcome to the forum Tomas! We have never tried Cryptocasinos