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Extra Chilli - numbers

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Been doing some checking on how often a gamble feature hits on the first and if so how many hits on the 2nd gamble.

Been mixing it up by buying and spinning normally.

Result over 60 bonuses where 42 were bought.


Of the bought ones LISTEN to this one...  11 hit the first wheel to get 12 spins. Of those 11 only 4 went on to 16 spins and of those 2 went to 20.

The buying range was from 200kr up to 1000kr. Luckily for me I hit two over 1500x otherwise this would have ruined me.


Of the 18 that I hit with normal spins only 5 hit the 12 spins, but all hit the 16 and 4 went to 20.


For me atleast the hit rate on the first reel is WAY below the 50% that the game suggest or was I just extremely unlucky?!?


Your thoughts?

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