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UK website to block me from online casino and it works great

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Hello people..

i was at a point when i thought my gambling was getting a little out of hand.

i had around 20+ accounts and often used the take a break option

only to go on another site when the block ran out.


i then found this FREE site that you can register here in the UK and it has blocked me every every account!

it  has also blocked me from 6 more i have since tried to open new accounts. 

6 months now without gambling and i feel awesome.


have to say its also down to the Casino Daddy team giving me my daily Fix as well as great fun.


here is the Website:


Here is the front page info.

The first phase of UK's national online self-exclusion scheme.
GAMSTOP currently includes a large number of online gambling websites, but not all. Later this year, all online gambling websites will be required to join by the Gambling Commission.

Until then you can register early with GAMSTOP, which will exclude you from the gambling websites that have signed up already.

Coverage will increase as more online gambling firms join the scheme, without you having to reregister with GAMSTOP.


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I have also registered on gamstop. Sadly though it came too late for me after ripping £60k over 10 years.

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I looked at my bank account the other day and added up my small deposits on all sites. WOWEH!! It added up to £400 a week.

I've just banned myself from all sites for 6 months and it feels good to not even want to gamble anymore and spend money on decent things.



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