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WARNING! FrankFred Casino


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I would like to warn any players who consider playing at FrankFred Casino. 

I was allowed to play at their site when I should have been denied, due to being self-excluded for gambling issues on their sister sites, who use the same license. 

Not only was I allowed to play, but I was also denied refund of lost deposits.

I asked for an explanation and after almost a month they responded and confirmed I was self excluded from their sister sites, but had not given gambling issues as a reason for the exclusion. 

 This is incorrect as I know I gave gambling problems as the reason for the exclusion. 

We all know what would’ve happened if I won big and wanted to cash out. 

I will write an MGA-complaint as a last attempt to retrieve my money back. 

 Proof of my claims can be given upon request.

Will write an update if anything changes.

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