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Full Line Explorer and 2100x bonus

2100x on Legacy of Dead

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Hi guys, had my bigggets money win in like 5 years of playing slots yesterday.. Deposited 100e two times so 200e in.. After second depo I run good on Legacy so I decided to push the stake from my normal 1e too 1.5 and then to 2e.. Than I hit the full line explorer for 500x.. After that I put the bottom line on 700e cashout and tried to get a bonus on 2e.. Got one, but was shit.. Then raised once more too 3e and got a 2100x bonus with all symbols and 2 extra retriggers after that.. I know some people will say it could have paid more but I am insanely happy with it because like I said my normal betsize I play like 70% of time is around 1 euro.. My biggest money win ever.. 7.1k cashout <3 and a little shoutout to jefe because money is already on my bank account, when you're verified the cash out every amount in 24h, everytime top when I win.. Of course I do not win every time Kappa





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