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Insane wins on Tsars (3 Retrigger extra juicy and 850x Tropicool) after 3.5k cashout


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Hi Guys, I am on a insane run on Tsars last 2 days:

First I cashed out 3.5k Euro.. Than redeposit 200 and 100 after the cashouts and now have 3.2k balance again.. 2 insane wins on extra juicy and Tropicool

Extra juicy is my favorite game since it is released and I play a lot.. This is the first time I have 3 retriggers, never even so it at other videos.. I had one time 2 retriggers, but that one paid shit.. I guess 1000x for 3 retriggers is a bit unlucky too, but I won't complain about 1000x.. My highest win was actually only with 1 retrigger.. They don't help when you not connect Kappa still amazing to get it, of course only bad symbols and dead spins lol

Will cashout 3k again, insane money for gambling <3 gl at all, I of course show transactions like the bros 






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