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  1. I advise you not to specify personal information anywhere. Will not lead to anything good. And at the expense of casinos, everywhere and always all niches interact with each other. It is normal that you start to receive spam offers. It is the same everywhere now.
  2. This is very good news! I've heard many stories when someone came to a casino for their birthday and won the jackpot with several attempts. So Joette French, who was visiting Laughlin to celebrate her birthday, hit a jackpot worth $ 276,656.62 on Thursday while playing the "World of Wonka" slot machine in 2019. And in 2011, the daughter took her old father and he won $ 129,697 there. It's very cool that some people are so lucky. I know that many online and offline casinos offer bonuses or special offers for birthdays, so I recommend at least one of your birthdays to try your luck.
  3. Hmmm! For the first time I hear that there are slots where there is an element of ability to play. I think that when you play slots, nothing depends on you, and everything is decided by Random number generation. I recommend you try poker, it's exactly where your skills and analysis of the game affect the outcome of the game. But start playing only with small amounts and watch educational videos, read something before the game.
  4. Online casinos are real. Maybe you meant whether they are cheating their customers and whether they are giving away winnings. Then that's another question. Search the internet for licensed casinos. Also, before registering, read the reviews of other players. I hope my answer helped you.
  5. Yes, online games are risky, I think everyone who comes to play understands this risk. For example, at first, beginners may not be lucky at all, but already experienced players risk much less. They understand all the nuances and can win more easily. Well, of course, no one is insured that the site may turn out to be fake and transfer your personal data to someone. But here again, it's a matter of experience. For example, I never play on unfamiliar sites, only on recommendations.
  6. Oh, you guys suggested so many good movies. I have to admit that one day I started playing in the casino and getting into the game after watching Ocean's Eleven. Since then I certainly have a slightly different look at the game, not so romanticized, on the contrary, as an experienced player (a movie isn`t the best way to learn how to play haha). Yet this film remains a classic for me, one of my favorites. Also, Casino Royale is a very good one.
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