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  1. donjoanito

    Phoenix Fire Power Reels Big Win Only Took 4 Spins To Trigger!

    Thats hella nice win kinda big stake but still a nice amount of cash :0! make sure to cashout buddy so you can enjoy it and not put it back into the casino!
  2. donjoanito

    300 Extreme :)

    Booya Very nice win buddy make sure to make a cashout and dont let them take the money back again :0!
  3. donjoanito

    400x win on shark!

    same this was the first time playing started with 100 euro got the bonus won 400 x , endeed the night with 8,000 euro haha
  4. donjoanito

    golden fish tank lucky 10 spins of 2.50 euro?

    I wont brother i havent had much time to watch the stream started new job + study so dont really have time anymore :( hope to seeu guys soon on stream again and in chat with you and micheal etc :)!
  5. donjoanito

    golden fish tank lucky 10 spins of 2.50 euro?

    cashedout 4.5k recieved it today already soo im happy
  6. donjoanito

    golden fish tank lucky 10 spins of 2.50 euro?

    thanks dude i ended up with 7000 euro this night with 100 euro deposit l0l XD
  7. 60 euro balance playing that new shark game winning 400x. 2 sec later go here put 20 auto spin son ( wannted to leave after 10 spins get the bonus ) pays 1293,30 cent amazing fking finally!
  8. donjoanito

    400x win on shark!

    Foto removed duo to private info xd
  9. donjoanito

    Decent win

    nice hit cashout! how many spins did u get ??
  10. donjoanito

    Dubbel bonus

    That was a greate run for your indeed! keep it up
  11. donjoanito

    Reactoonz 2280x

    Holy never saw such a big win on reactoonz before 😮 amazing! cashoutttt!!
  12. donjoanito

    Online casinos...real or fake?

    Well ques we all have difff things with those casinos I dont trust them after they scammed me so
  13. 9891 EURO Twitch : Joanito
  14. Deposit 500 euro today at slottyvegas to try my luck one more time Hit 15 x pinks X2 on 5 euro bet Cashed out 5,000 euro ( limit is 5k a week on slottyvegas ) and closed account for a week ❤️ Finally some luck! Made screenshot with my phone but had to place it on pc so i cut out the rest of screen cause its to small! I will post writdraw proof as soon as it is accepted :!
  15. donjoanito

    Evobet scammed me for 700 euro

    haha i hope so to buddy! playing on Slottyvegas atm :)! hope you win some to mate ❤️