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  1. Joanito is my twitch Total win of bonus hunt :17,345 euro
  2. donjoanito

    napoleon MY BIGGEST WIN EVER?!

  3. donjoanito

    Anniversary Stream

    Anniversary * someone edit title if u can please ❤️
  4. donjoanito

    Anniversary Stream

    Dear casinodaddy brothers % Family. I wanne thank you all for the stream of today , the giveaways the fun and ofcourse the charity donation's! everyone who contributed even by just watching thank you all so much we had a greate day today and let's go for the 5 years! have a wonderfull evening lads ❤️ one more time ❤️ for our casinodaddy brothers and ofcourse all the administrators/ moderators who have worked there ass off!
  5. donjoanito

    Best Casinos

    i would say : Dundercasino 21.com unibet I love those 3 casino's alot :)! 21.com and dunder have the fastest pay outs i think
  6. donjoanito

    temple of treasure

    congratz very nice wi nagain make sure to cash out ofcourse dont gamble it all!
  7. donjoanito

    tiki 4000x

    jesus nice win and on that bet lvl ;:O!
  8. donjoanito


    No they aren't registered in the netherlands i think the gambling commision in belguim would protect u 100%
  9. donjoanito

    Almost 1000x

    that's a awesome win my friend enjoy!! caash it out )!
  10. donjoanito

    First Big Wins on DoA1 & DoA2

    well still a nice win make sure to cash out!!
  11. donjoanito

    First Big Wins on DoA1 & DoA2

    thats some really nice wins congratzzz!!
  12. donjoanito

    2200x Vikings :D

    Whut 4k win!? awesome you better cash that out remember u can always redeposit but if u have it in bank you atleast wont lose all of it :)!
  13. donjoanito

    3750x on DoA2

    Damm nice win! make sure to cash out the 2k atleast do :!!
  14. donjoanito

    A casino asked me to open a new account

    I suggest u to close ur account on all sisters and there site Go to casinodaddy they have alot of trusted casino i would suggest : 21.com bonkersbet.com dundercasino.com leovegas.com
  15. donjoanito

    2 x1000+ on DragonFire ❤️

    damm 5 euros left hitting a bonus game winning 1000x ? awesome man make sure to cash it out!