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  1. donjoanito

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 28/3 II

    Guess: 7326 Twitch/Youtube: Joanito
  2. donjoanito

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 27/3

    Guess: 43566 Twitch/Youtube: Joanito
  3. donjoanito

    Big Win

    Il send u my bank details thanks for the 5k kroona congratz alot!
  4. donjoanito

    Big win on jammin base game

    That's what i call lucky! sick brother cash it out
  5. donjoanito

    huge hit on kraken

    wait.. was this in a bonus game or did u buy the bonus game insane win man congratz!
  6. donjoanito

    Big Win

    amazing man! i won 40 euro up to 4k yesterday but ripped more then 70% so im kinda sad but sitll made alot of profit so .. dont do the same
  7. donjoanito

    Vampires epic comeback on the last spin!

    1000x win .. why i never get this but amazing win buddy congratz
  8. donjoanito

    Big Win

    That's an insane win buddy congratz #makesuretocashout
  9. donjoanito

    24 h stream for Ebro Suggestions

    Few games hunt ( like lil devil ) but not on big screen ? maby get 1 game on few diff site's and try to get the bonus games? 2: Giveaway : This time maby use the command !raffle to pick winners, people typ for example "join" , in this way it looks way more fair then when a streamer picks randomly or whatever. every 1 hour : 250 points giveaway 1 person 50 euro giveaway 1 person Every 12 hours : Gaming chair giveaway Every 6 hours : 2 Winners > both get to buy a bonus for max (200 euro ) if it wil make profit they get 75 % off the profit for example Bonus buy 200 euro > wins 300 euro winner gets > 75 euro and maby some fun like 5 people who win with raffle , can choose 5 different games ( 20 spins ea ) Biggest X win gets 50 euro raw And alot of fun ofc :)! Reward for people who watch 24 hour straight : every 1 hour you must post on forums a check list . After 24 h , the people who watched the most will get a reward ( 10 people will be able to win this , 10 raffle winners they get a changes of 50 euro raw cash or 200 euro bonus buy with same rules as stated before?:) Or make a Topic on forums everyone has 5 minuts to reply > people who are in are able to win a chair or something ? ) @Casinodaddy I never won any giveaway but i dont mind i just want a Tshirt one day Gl and i be watching 24 hours if i don't have to work, since i work with disabled people i work 7 days a week atm. . but maby i can get a day off .. HAve fun lads! Sorry bad english but on phone
  10. donjoanito

    Big win on davinci and garga

    1000x + on first slot 0,25 euro cent stake then little later i won 301 euro on 20 cent bet on garga then went to wild frames won up to 2k balance Cash out : 4k totaal redeposit 2.4k ( RIP) but still nice profit im happy , didn't gamble for long time and prob going to take a long time off again
  11. donjoanito

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 3/3

    Guess: 46717 Twitch/Youtube: joanito
  12. donjoanito

    1000x + 100 x coins 1200 x win

  13. donjoanito

    1000x + 100 x coins 1200 x win

    So i cashed today 5k out from a deposit of 150 euro. I decide to do 10 euro spins on razor sharks with my last 1k . This happend ques it can pay ❤️
  14. donjoanito

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 22/2

    Guess: 67455 Twitch/Youtube: joanito
  15. donjoanito

    Bonus Hunt - Guessing Competition 8/2

    Guess: 4893 Twitch/Youtube: joanito