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  1. I will keep this short and sweet. I do not recommend casinos very often, but in this case, Easy Slots has captivated my attention, because they have paid me on time, their games are fun and varied and the platform does not lag, not even a bit, and that is a big positive point IMHO. At the moment, my favorite games are Claws vs. Paws, Lucky Leprechaun, Reel Rush and Aloha! They also have other casino games, but let's keep it about slots. They have a pretty large variety, and I like it, because I like to experiment with other games when I feel I've run out of luck. I understand myself. It is legit, and no, I'm not affiliated with them, that is why I will only use a simple link, so you can know what website to visit: https://www.easyslots.com/ That's it.
  2. SurfuerNuer

    1400x! :)

    Hey, that's a sweet victory, enjoy the cash!
  3. SurfuerNuer

    Poker Music

    Personally, I like to listen to melodic techno. Here is one of my favorite tracks:
  4. SurfuerNuer

    Slot Memes

    Hahaha, kinda funny, we definitively need more memes!
  5. SurfuerNuer

    Huge win on dragons treasure

    That's a huge win, congrats! I'm not having much luck in slots lately, but I'm sure my situation will change soon, haha! At least it is encouraging to see that some people are winning big time.
  6. SurfuerNuer

    2400x Purple Chilli hit

    Congratulations, man! 2400x is huge. You surely have a lot of luck for slots!
  7. SurfuerNuer

    1888x wild desire

    Congrats man! That's an enormous win, enjoy that cash and use it wisely!
  8. SurfuerNuer

    Enough with the links!

    Yeah, even though I'm new here, it is a situation that replicates across different gambling forums. New accounts promoting their crap (even when it is not relevant at all). Just ban them right off the bat!
  9. SurfuerNuer


    Thanks for the heads up. This is the kind of reviews that we all should read (and post whenever possible), because there are many platforms that will use all the means possible to retain as much money as possible at our expense.
  10. SurfuerNuer

    Tip from a poor man's gambler

    I am a bit late to the party, but thank you very much for your tips. It is always a good idea to write non-negotiable rules, so you can gamble with as little risk as possible, so you can stop it from interfering with your life, or even damaging it.
  11. SurfuerNuer

    Hello you all my friends!

    Hey you all, I'm glad to join this forum and I hope to learn a lot from you guys, because I always like to read experiences from others. And of course, I will help whenever possible!