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Bonanza fcks me aaaalways

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so, ive been playing bonaza soo much, thousands of dollars, never more than 2 euro bets.. prob between 100 000-150 000 spins. Each deposit never over 200 euro.

So, with all these deposit i havent even 1 time doubled my money, like deposit 200 euro and won up to 400...not once... I never had a bonus paying over 150x. I tried it on alot of different casinos... betsson,guts,get lucky,mobilebet and so on.

So after playing 3 hours with 0 bonuses and with only 0,5 euro bet tonight i got a bonus, even with a retrigger and this happens....again...

what a fucking JOKE.png

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from one bonanaza bird to another ive played it alot too but the bonuses rarly comes 2 me even after 300\ turns and if it comes it dont pay for the turns even,

  my well suggestion is to take a break from bonanza try something else or just play bonanza but with play(pretend) money. 

taboovector :)

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