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  1. Marc_CG


    Okay, so I found some strategies for videopoker if this helps someone - https://casino.guru/video-poker-strategy + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLYQ3ZIowPA + https://www.wikihow.com/Win-at-Video-Poker I also read a few forum strategies, but nothing worth sharing..
  2. Marc_CG

    Poker Music

    Anything without lyrics, lyrics make me distracted
  3. Marc_CG


    What is your relationship to videopoker? Have you tried it? Do you like it? Haven't tried it yet, don't know if I should give it a try .. Also any strategies apply to it?
  4. Marc_CG

    Fruit Blox Big Win

    wow !!!! wish I was this lucky :(
  5. Marc_CG

    casino that accept french

    Maybe try here - it searches for every online casino available in your country. hope this helps
  6. Marc_CG

    Online casinos...real or fake?

    yes, online casinos exist and actually, I feel like its better to play in an online casino. I feel like nobody's judging me haha
  7. Marc_CG

    Poker Music

    you know whats goo? Hans Zimmer. he did music for Interstellar too
  8. Marc_CG

    Hairline Competition

  9. Marc_CG

    VR in Gambling

    I am trying to imagine how that would be but I cant haha. I'd get into a room and play like in a real casino or having slots displayed and how would I play it? I am confused man
  10. Marc_CG

    Another insane win on jammin

    Youre so lucky man ! Congrats 🔅
  11. Marc_CG

    2 Times 1000x Win within 4 Minutes

    ramises book ? Odds have been in your favor. I dont know ramises book, but I have been playing Cleopatra slots and my biggest win was couple hundreds, which is great. Maybe I should post my wins too.
  12. Marc_CG

    How a hot streak F***** my life....

    amen, hoouse always wins, but you have to know when to stop play, thats the magic of it
  13. Marc_CG

    best to stick to one casino?

    I mean if you trusst it and like it then yes, but you dont, then I would recommend switching it up
  14. Marc_CG

    Bonanza fcks me aaaalways

    I dont really like to play bonbanza but I do lvoe me some poker