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So onces upon a time i joined the Belguim casino "starcasino"

They have a lot of landbased casinos.


I deposit 400 euros and won 7000 euros on reactoonz with a 7 euro bet

I decide to play 2k on roulette 500 on 7 /17/25/34 if i would lose i would cash out 5k.

So what happend 7 came and i won 18k i rebet and seven came again!! so i had around 45k balance now

Whent to blackjack hit a perfect pair with a high bet total balance after a few hours 109,000 Euros.


So they have a rule to cashout max 5k a day to ur bank or u can pick it up at the casino


my writdralw even that my account was 100% verify

i waited 4 weeks didnt get anything

I whent to the casino they told me to close my account and only then they would be able to cashout the full balance at onces.

So i did what they said and ques what.. never got a penny

I hired a loyer, cost me 2k and the end came with the resulst "i have no rights of claiming the money cause gambling in the Netherlands online is not allowed"



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Thanks for sharing. I’m from Belgium. What would happen if I had a situation like yours? I think they would just pay me out because I live in Belgium. Now they found a way to not pay you because the fact you live in the Netherlands or is Starcasino a registered online casino in NL?

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No they aren't registered in the netherlands i think the gambling commision in belguim would protect u 100%

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