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I actually thought that I was lucky when I managed to reedem an item from the store inbetween all the cooldowns. Not. 2 months has gone by, and not a single item received. No feedback, no confirmation. No nothing. I asked once on twitch whisper to one of the responible in this channel and got the answer that " That shipment is gonna take some time but if you redeemed it you will get it".  Ok, like I want my YGGdrasil blanket for midsummer. You can just keep it. And my points as well. I really don't care.

Yours Respectfully,

Captain Delete


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Hey there! Seeing the end of your message; do you actually still want help, or just to tell us you are angry and no longer care? The thing is, the store orders are sent out by a third party. Whenever someone redeems an item, we pass on the shipment information, after which it gets sent out.
If there are issues with delays, we can only know this if you send us an e-mail about this to streamstore@aboutslots.com, info@aboutslots.com, or any other e-mail. The moderator in question should've told you this as well, or pointed you in the direction of Qajjan, so he can check what's wrong here.
Apologies for the misunderstanding. However my question still stands; do you still want help? If so please mail to the address above, or whisper Qajjan on Twitch. :)

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Hi! On the other hand I got this reply from streamelements stuff, when asking about christmas socks i ordered months ago


months ago I redeemed points for christmas socks, from the streamer Casinodaddy, but still didnt received anything. My username in the dashboard is HardGain.
Can you please look into it to found out what went wrong? Thank you !

Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance


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Posted (edited)

Casinodaddy stuff,

something is really wrong with the store. It's not just we don't get any response, but today I redeemed a Longsleeve shirt, received a code, insert it into the box in the box and got this message:


Contacted the streamelement support and they answered I have to contact streamer or his moderator team to solve the issue. now, the twitch chat is busy and my message get lost in a sec., who is the moderator incharged for the store?

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Mate, you are putting the code on wrong one  u can see in merch center that u have options where they say FREE WITH CODE, u need to go into that one ❤️ and ur item will be on the way to you ❤️ 

download (1).png

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