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Evolve Casino Cashout doenst reach me

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Before I start describing the problem.. Iam gambling for 8 years only and never hat problems with cashout at easily 20 casinos.. I cashed out a lot because I Play a lot.. Of course the slots win on long term :)

A few weeks I startet playing at Evolve Casino.. Made a lot of deposits and then finally won some.. My win was nearly 4k euro that was not even much profit.. My cashout was on 19.5 and it was confirmed on 21.5.. The method they have is vpay which is like a normal bank transaction I think.. Just had to enter my iban etc.. But until now it did not reach me.. I don't know what to do, live chat don't give a fuck.. They say it is processed, but it feels they just scam me.. Can anybody of the mods maybe help me? 

I Can show anything too anybody of you need something, transaction screens bank statements, anything.. As I said iam am long time gambler, but don't get youre win hurts, especially when you're down on gambling of course 

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