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Are all Casino-Streamers fake?????


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it`s easy to explain, diffrent bet but same patterns as game build by patterns. Same wins will occur but actually cool to see same pattern as would never been seen without streamers...

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As its extreamly unlikely, You still have to consider atleast one more metric into this.
If theres a 1 in 1.3 million chance, by my messures that quite slacky by the provider, I belive having quite a bigger pool of outcomes would be resonable. 

Still, streamers play for approx 2-12 hours a day, If they play jamming jars 30-90 minutes a day for the first weeks of realease thats quite alot of "spins".
So lets say Shirox have done atleast 5000+ spins and casinodaddy even more. The 1 in 1.3m is not as unlikley anymore..

Ive done some testing myself runing 4 instances of the game on free money, And I belive i have seen the same basegame hits atleast twice, we are now talking some 15x wins..

So In my opinion they need to increase the outcome pool of the game, as we have people playing live these days.
But again, continue working on a game that will only affect a few people is not worth putting more development in to. As you and me will never talk about our invidual sessions that we had by ourself in our home, even less remember the exact setup of symbols. :) 

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